The Viola Trust

28th Nov 2016

We are extremely pleased to announce that Graypen are proud to be sponsors in the Viola Trust Project. The Trust has been set up in order to bring a historic steam trawler back to her home in the Humber where she was originally built in 1906 and sailed off to war in September 1914 with a crew of fishermen after being requisitioned by the Admiralty and then involved in sinking two U-boats but has yet to return to Hull from that wartime voyage, working around the world as a trawler, a whaler, a sealer and an exploration vessel in the Southern Ocean before being breached in South Georgia. The Viola Trust has appointed a funding expert and set up a website as it campaigns to raise an initial £1.5 Million to lift the ship off the beach and onto a project cargo ship before making the 7,000 mile trip back to the Humber. The plan is to raise a further £1.5 Million to set up an innovative apprenticeship scheme, giving people the skills to restore Viola as an education centre and as a lasting memorial to those who lost their lives in the war at sea. Further information can be viewed on website and we wish this project the success it thoroughly deserves.

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