1 Year since First Lockdown

23rd Mar 2021

Today is 1 Year since the First UK Lockdown, at that point we stood on the edge of a Precipice in hope but very aworried at what lied ahead for the Shipping and Ports industry where we ply our trade each and every day. One year on we recognise that we are very Lucky and Privileged to work in this great sector which has weathered the Covid Storm better than most, our full compliment of people remain and we have not furloughed staff.

We take nothing for granted and offer our grateful thanks to all of our Customers, Partners, Colleagues and Friends for all their support and cooperation throughout this past year whilst our hearts go out to the 126,000 British Families and many more around the Globe that have lost loved ones during this fateful year, we hope and look forward to better and more healthier times ahead.

Good Luck and Stay Safe

Thank You!

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